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    SAGE was initiated by Deccan Development Society along with other partners in South India in an effort to democratize Genetic Engineering debates in India. The Genetic Engineering (GE) technology neither increases the productivity nor reduces the use of pesticides. Through its various campaign and advocacy strategies, SAGE tries to sensitize farmers, consumers, panchayat leaders, media, political parties, legal and medical fraternity on the potential dangers of Genetic Engineering in agriculture, especially the farmer's rights and freedom on keeping their own local traditional seeds and forces the farmers to depend on multinational seed companies and also its threats to human health and lose of agro-biodiversity.


    In Tamil Nadu Kudumbam is the facilitator for implementing activities along with other partners like Vanagam, Women’s Collective and CREATE. Kudumbam and its associates within the SAGE network also organize events, awareness programs and demonstrations. Especially on the 9th of April each year which is the International GM Opposition Day. Various seed festivals are also conducted every year for the exchange of seeds, knowledge and discussions regarding GE and GMO.


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