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    MINI emerged as a part of Deccan Development Society (DDS) efforts in promoting millets over the last 25 years in the Zaheerabad region of Andhra Pradesh. Having reached significant milestones in community action for revival of millet based farming and food systems placing control over food, seeds, markets and natural resources in to the hands of the poor – especially the women who are from multiple marginalization, DDS believed that it was time to build a network of people who are already working with millets or thinking about them across India, undeterred by their historical neglect. Consequently, MINI was initiated by DDS in October 2007. MINI and her partners believe that the main reasons behind the agrarian distress are the designed destruction of the rural communities and the undermining of their rights.


    Today, MINI is an alliance of over 120 members representing over 50 farmer organizations, scientists, nutritionists, civil society groups, media persons and women. The network is present in more than 15 states of India. The MINI sees millets not just as crops but as a concept and above all its ability to help the millet farmers make their agricultural autonomous. For Kudumbam, MINI is an important learning and information ground, a sharing network regarding the different varieties of millet and its uses. Kudumbam is part of the National Steering Committee of MINI which is an apex body involved in planning, guiding, implementation and review of MINI activities once in 6 months.


    MINI has produced a Millet Hand book in more than 6 regional languages besides Hindi & English. Kudumbam and MINI jointly produced the Tamil Version of the Hand Bood which is used as information and education materials for farmers, consumers, school children, college students, political parties and policy makers. MINI also publishing "The Milleteer" a quaterly newletter for sharing and learning experiences and advocacy stretegies among its member organizations.



    If you want to know more about MINI network, see their webpage

    MINI has produced a Millet Hand book. Click the picture to read it.


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