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    PAN is a global network, which aims to eliminate the harm caused by pesticides and promote biodiversity-based ecological agriculture. It is committed to the empowerment of people, especially women, agricultural workers, peasants and indigenous farmers. PAN AP launched its Save Our Rice Campaign in 2003 in response to the powerful threats arising against rice, the staple food of half the world’s population.


    Kudumbam’s association with PAN AP started in 2000, during the People’s Caravan in Asia for demanding farmers´ right to land and water. Kudumbam was given the responsibility of organizing a big gathering to receive the Caravan Team in Trichy. Thus, the relationship was started and has continued in campaign activities as well as in evolving sustainable agriculture alternatives in general and in the Save Our Rice Campaign in particular.


    Paddy has been cultivated for countless ages. In the past, through natural selection and breeding techniques farmers evolved and cultivated traditional rice cultivars which were suited to specific agro climatic conditions. These varieties have the potential to perform well in different climatic stresses like drought, salinity and floods. The introduction of chemical farming and hybrid varieties has brought several changes in paddy cultivation resulted in a narrow genetic base and diversity.


    Kudumbam has been associated with PANAP engaging in facilitating campaigns against pesticide use in Agriculture. Campaign activities have been undertaken with the support of PAN AP, mainly on Rice Actions to save traditional rice varieties and oppose GE rice. The Rice Actions started in the year 2007 as WORA (Week of Rice Action), continued as YORA (Year of Rice Action) in the following years, and ended with CORA (Collective Rice Action). The campaign activities include workshops to sensitize Panchayat Presidents on GE Rice, rallies, caravans and public meetings for farmers, school students, women and general public, as well as workshops for Media on GE Rice.


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