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    The Future Earth is an international network as well as a Swedish non-Governmental Organisation, working for an ecological sustainable and socially fair development of society, based on the fundamental principles of ecology, self-reliance and co-operation. The international network consists of nearly 29 member organizations in Asia (11 members) and Latin America (19 members), forming one regional network in Asia and one in Latin America, as well as about 20 Swedish local organizations.


    The Swedish organization Future Earth is governed by the friend-groups through decisions in the assembly, and the organization mediates grants for international development work through SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) to the networks in Asia and South America. The organizations in the Future Earth Networks in Asia, Latin America and Sweden co-operate and exchange experiences to strengthen their capacity and to influence their societies. Some of the member organizations are running pilot projects to promote ecological sustainable development and a socially fair society.


    Kudumbam has been a member of the Future Earth Network in Asia since 2004. As a member of the network, representatives of Kudumbam participate in Regional Assembly meetings and different capacity building programs. Common areas are project planning, communication and documentation, organic certification, exchange and exposure programs, placement of youth volunteers, advocacy and campaign activities. A Regional Coordination Group elected by the network coordinates these activities, and Kudumbam facilitates the coordination of the group. Kudumbam receives youth volunteers from Sweden through Future Earth every year, and former volunteers have started a Friend Group for Kudumbam in Sweden to mobilize support for KudumbamĀ“s project.


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