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    To be able to share the experiences and knowledge gained throughout the years, Kudumbam is always happy to receive visitors. Spending some time with Kudumbam will give an insight in the problems faced by the population in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, and it will also provide an opportunity to see what solutions there are to these problems.


    The duration and activities of the visit is developed according to the interests and wishes of the visitors. It may include trainings and courses, field visits, and interactions with both Kudumbam staff and the people participating in the projects of Kudumbam. Accommodation both in Trichy and at Kolunji Ecological Farm, food, transport and interpretation will be organized.


    no: 113/118 Sundarraj Nagar


    Trichy 620020

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Phone: (+91) 0431-2331879




    Monday to saturday - 10 AM to 5:30 PM

    Sunday - Closed

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