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    Our vision is to strengthen vulnerable communities trough the building of a multi-stakeholder partnership for the preservation and regeneration of native flora and fauna, in order to ensure a sustainable livelihood.


    Organic Farming and Sustainable Development


    Kudumbam’s main focus is to uplift small and marginal farmers and landless agricultural labourers and to empower widows, single women and orphan children.

    We are situated in Tamil Nadu, South India, and our main office is located in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy). We work with organic farmers in the Pudukottai and Nagapattinam Districs, and run an Ecological Farm and Training Centre in the name of “Kolunji” situated in Odugampatty village (Pudukottai District). At Kolunji Ecological Farm we have a children´s home where orphans from local villages get support to finish their education in a safe environment. Kudumbam is also active on an international level as a member of different networks.




    Kudumbam was founded in 1982 by Mr. Oswald Quintal, Dr. Nammalvar and Mr. Perianayagasamy. At the moment rural Tamil Nadu was going through an agricultural crisis. The invention of “Green revolution” in the 1960s had led to a shift in land use from diverse cropping systems, to monocultures with heavy application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Irrigation slowly led to the depletion of ground water, and small scale farmers found themselves more marginalized day by day. Kudumbam then started sensitizing rural communities on the rights to community water bodies, and the benefits of drought tolerant traditional crop varieties. We identified rural leaders and facilitated community participation in deepening and managing of community water tanks, raising of tree nurseries and re-establishing of community forests.

    Today we continue this work, but we have also gone further and are now focusing on the empowerment of rural women, since female farmers are often being neglected in India.




    To ensure the community’s participation in establishing enhanced biodiversity at farm and village level, and to give the communities the right to seeds and resource enriching agriculture. To strengthen the participants of forums which strive for pro farmer policies, and to oppose corporate undertaking of livelihood agriculture.


    Where are we?


    Kudumbam is operating in Tamil Nadu, South India. We have our administrative office in Trichy (Tiruchirapalli) and two field offices: Kolunji Ecological Farm and Training Centre in Odugampatty village (Pudukottai district), and Multipurpose Community Centre (MPCC) in Tranquebar (Nagapattinam District).


    These offices support the locals with advice about organic farming and the organizing of self help groups, federations, microcredit loans, marketing etc. At Kolunji Farm we also organize different training programs and demonstrations regarding organic farming, value addition and management.

    Our work in Nagapattinam District was initiated after the tsunami in 2004. Our Community Centre in Tranquebar (Nagapattinam District) was constructed in 2005 with support from Emmaus Arizo-Italy. During the tsunami, more than 300 km2 of agriculture land in Nagapattinam was affected by salt water intrusion. From 2005 till date, with support from Emmaus International we have reclaimed more than 2500 acres of saline land and farmers now cultivate rice, lintels and vegetables on their lands. Support was provided to more than young widows for the purchase of milch animals and we now collectively market the milk. Today we are working with micro credit programs to empower rural women in the area.


    no: 113/118 Sundarraj Nagar


    Trichy 620020

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Phone: (+91) 0431-2331879






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