Organic Certification
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Organic Certification (PGS)


Kudumbam is facilitating certification of organic farming through PGS (Participatory Guarantee System). This is an organic certification especially developed for small and marginal farmers. PGS is internationally recognised with standards based on the the IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Practice. PGS is different from other organic certifications in the sense that the farmers work together in a self-regulatory system, where they form groups and inspect the organic cultivation of each other. Thus, they can guarantee that their agricultural products have been produced without any chemical pesticides or inorganic fertilizers.


Most traditional organic certifications involve a third-part consultant that from time to time inspect the farms, to guarantee that the agriculture is organic. The negative side of this, is that it is often very costly for the farmers to certify their products, since they have to pay for the consultancy. Hence, the organic farmers working with Kudumbam are now in the process of shifting from a third-part certification to the PGS certification. This way they can save money together, and sell their organically certified products. Kudumbam started working with PGS in 2015, and over 100 farmers are already certified.

If you want to know more about PGS, please read on their website

Sankar and Arul Prakasam started organic farming under PGS six months ago and are now in the transition to becoming purely organic. They are in the same producers group, and are growing mainly vegetables such as cucumber, brinyal and snake guard. They are experiencing that they can sell their products to a better price since they started the organic farming. They also say that the demand for organic food is big and that consumers often come back to buy from them again, because they think their vegetables have a very good quality. At the moment they are mainly selling their products in the local mark et, but in the future they would like to sell them to organic shops in nearby cities.

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