Sustainable agriculture

How are We Working with Sustainable Agriculture?


Sustainable agriculture is an essential part in the work of Kudumbam. Farming with sustainable methods ensures food safety and sovereignty on a long term basis. It protects and preserves the environment and ensures the reestablishment of agro-biodiversity. Sustainable agriculture alternatives also provides enhanced incomes for farmers and safe and nutritious food for humans as well as animals. We believe in poison free food produced without chemical pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.


Global warming and the subsequent change in rainfall pattern combined with other factors such as increasing labour costs and non remunerative market fluctuations, is making farming difficult in the working area of Kudumbam. The small and marginal farmers with only rain-fed land are the worst affected. Therefore we focus our work on climate change adaptations within the farming community. We promote the cultivation of less water consuming crops, such as millets, organic vegetables and traditional rice varieties. Rain water harvest through different techniques such as farm ponds and community water tanks is another important part to achieve a sustainable agriculture.


Today the state and policy makers are encouraging hybrid rice and wheat cultivation and it´s consumption by providing subsidy, procurement support and public distribution. This have not only narrowed down the food choice and diversity but also resulted in a nutritional imbalance and unsound ecology. The cultivation is also unsustainable since it demands a lot of water and chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore Kudumbam is working for a revival of traditional millets, paddy and vegetables. These crops are climate smart and the nutritional value is very high at the same time.

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