Watershed Management

Watershed Management


The main objective of the Micro Watershed Project initiated by Kudumbam is to spread knowledge on how to harvest rain water and to raise awarness on the need of water conservation. In central Tamil Nadu there is a great need of rain water to sustain the agriculture and because of less rain during the moonsun there is a need to adopt the maximun of water saving methods.

This is done by a number of practices. One is the adaption of water conservation techniques such as bunds, basins and farm ponds. Another is usage of drip and sprinkler irrigation as to minimise the water losses when irrigating.


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As an additon to water harvesting and arrigation systems, tree plantation is suggested as one important tool to improve the ground water table.


As one way of spreading the knowleadge Nature Clubs have been formed in Schools in the working villages of Kudumbam. Through the Clubs children are learning about how to manage common resources such as water. The villages have also formed councils for water management, so that the resource can be commonly managed in a sustainable way.

Watershed management is also a topic discussed in tranings for organic farming.

Below: The biggest farm pond on Kolunji Ecological Farm

Left: Pot irrigation is one way of saving water

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