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Why do we work with Community Seed Banks?


The seeds are crucial in any agricultural system and the production and storage of seeds have traditionally been a very important part of the agriculture, mainly managed by women. Before the so-called Green revolution in the 60´s the farmers themselves produced the seeds they needed, and seeds were shared within the villages. In this way food sovereignty was ensured. The Green revolution introduced new, high yielding and water consuming crop varieties that would not give fertile seeds, forcing the farmer to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The traditional seeds were forgotten. Because of this, farmers are now trapped in the hands of companies selling the seeds and chemicals, and often forced to take loans leading to debt traps.


In this context Kudumbam has introduced Community Seed Banks in a number of villages in the Pudukkottai district. The villages produce seeds of traditional crops and varieties, that do not require high external inputs and are better adapted to the local agro-climatic conditions. The seed production includes millet, traditional paddy and vegetables. Producing seeds does not only ensure independence and food sovereignty for the farmer but also enhances incomes.



One of the seed producers is Rathi who lives in the village Nallathangalpatti in Pudukkottai district. Together with her family she is cultivating 4 acres of land. Five years ago she started producing seeds. Rathi cultivates a number of crops including blackgram, groundnut and pulses. These are all crops that require small amounts of water. She looks worried when she tells us that these are the only crops she can cultivate nowadays, because of the drought and monsoon failures during the last years. But when asked about the seed production, Rathi lightens up. In Nallathangalpatti there are totally 40 families working with seed production, and the seeds are exchanged within the village. Producing seeds takes a lot of work, the quality has to be very high. You can tell that Rathi is proud of the work she is doing. She explains that the effort is worth it because the seed production gives her more income than just selling grains.

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