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    Vidivelli Children´s Home


    Vidivelli means “morning star”, and it is the name of our Children’s Home at Kolunji Ecological Farm. With support from Emmaus International we started the home in 1997. The children staying at Vidivelli have either lost their mother or father, and they come from nearby villages around the farm. Kudumbam provides free education and accommodation from the 1st standard in School until university studies. The children are provided with decent space and opportunities to enjoy their childhood, and they are guided to excel in studies and in extra curricular activities, such as dancing and singing. The children staying in the home are assisted by a warden who gives them special coaching, and they also have their own kitchen garden where they cultivate organic vegetables and fruits.


    Once a month a parent’s meeting is conducted where either the father, the mother or any other provider of the children participate. The value of education, job and the importance of saving money for their future are discussed in the meetings.


    Today many of the children who were educated with support from Kudumbam have become graduates and postgraduates, many of them being the first person from their villages to go to university. Some of the former students are employed as co-ordinators in Kudumbam and others have begun their careers in other areas. Students interested in higher education are currently doing their graduation in different colleges at Trichy.



    It is possibe and easy to support the Children


    The running of Vidivelli Children’s home is possible thanks to private donations. By providing these children with food, clothes, and education in a safe environment they are given an opportunity for a better future. That is the greatest gift these children can get. By supporting Vidivelli Children’s home you help Kudumbam helping more children.


    Monthly expenses for one child:


    Rs. 2000:- (30 USD) per month for 1st to 10th Standard Students


    Rs. 3000:- (44 USD) per month for 11th to 12th Standard Students


    Rs. 4000:- (60 USD) per month for College and University Students


    Your donation to Kudumbam and Vidivelli Children’s home will make a difference for many


    Please contact us at and inform for what purpose you are donating, your name and address.




    Name of Bank: Indian Overseas Bank

    Bank Account Name: Kudumbam

    Account No: 046701000026483

    Bank Code: 0467

    Swift Code No: IOB A IN BB 001

    Branch: Jamal Mohammed College

    Branch Address: Tiruchirappalli, 620 020, Tamil Nadu, India

    Bank Tel No: (+91) 04312332030

    MICR No: 620020010

    IFSC Code: IOB A 0000467

    RTGS Code: IOB A 0000467



    Name of Bank: Indian Overseas Bank

    Bank Account Name: Kudumbam Vidivelli Kuzahthaikal Kappagam

    Account No: 024201000022277

    Bank Code: 0242

    Branch: Keeranur

    Branch Address: Kulathur Taluk, Pudukottai District, 622502, Tamil Nadu

    Bank Tel No: 04339 - 262232

    MICR No: 622020005

    IFSC Code: IOB A 0000242

    RTGS Code: IOB A 0000242



    no: 113/118 Sundarraj Nagar


    Trichy 620020

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Phone: (+91) 0431-2331879




    Monday to saturday - 10 AM to 5:30 PM

    Sunday - Closed

    A. Chidambaram and his family come from poor circumstances. He lost his wife in a fire disaster two years ago. She died in front of his eyes. After his wife’s death, he had a hard time taking care of the children. One of the neighbours told Chidambaram about Vidivelli Children’s home and he decided to send them there.

    At Vidivelli, the girls are going to school, getting proper healthy food and they are being well taken care of. At home his daughters would not have the possibility to go to school. Chidambaram says that girls and boys are treated the same in Vidivelli. He also explains that in his home village girls are just given rice, water and onion to eat. In Kolunji, the children are given the same food, regardless gender. He intends to keep the girls in Vidivelli until they have completed their studies in the university.

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