Kolunji Eco Farm

  • Cyclone Relief
  • Join a three day corse in ecological farming at Kolunji farm. The corse is organised the last weekend of every month, and everyone is welcome to join.

    See what the participants think about the corse in the film below.


    About Kolunji Ecological Farm and Training Centre


    Since 1990 Kudumbam runs an ecological farm and training centre in the name of “Kolunji”, located in Odugampatty village, Pudukottai district. The area is dry and the cultivation is dependent on the monsoon rains. Kolunji started by the support of the Swedish organisation Swallows, with the aim to work as a model farm showing that organic farming is not only possible but a better

    alternative than conventional farming. The idea was that farmers in the nearby villages would be motivated to start organic farming when when they saw the examples in Kolunji. By doing so, Kolunji would be a source of knowledge and inspiration. Today Kolunji is not only a farm but also a training centre and home to the children at Vidivelli Children’s Home.


    For cultivation a number of organic inputs are prepared and used at Kolunji, and the nutrients are recycled through vermicompost. Animals such as goats, cattle, hens and ducks play an important part of the nutrient circulation at the farm. Since the farm is situated in a dry-land area the rain water is conserved and managed by a number of methods such as farm ponds and mounding. Another crucial part of the sustainable farming at Kolunji is the production of tree seedlings for agroforestry systems.


    The facilities at Kolunji are well customed to be used during trainings, courses and other activities arranged at the farm. These include:


    • Meeting Hall (1 – 30 people)
    • Cottages & Double Rooms (2 – 50 people)
    • Dining Hall (1 – 30 people)
    • Stage & Open Theatre
    • 1 Open Well & 2 Bore Wells
    • Generator
    • Audio Visual Equipments
    • Conveyance on Request

    Kolunji ecological farm and training center 09-01-2001

    Children that stay at Kolunji


    no: 113/118 Sundarraj Nagar


    Trichy 620020

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Phone: (+91) 0431-2331879






    Monday to saturday - 10 AM to 5:30 PM

    Sunday - Closed

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