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    Ecological Models at Kolunji


    At our farm we are using an integrated crop-livestock farming system, where the nutrients are recycled in situ. These are some examples of the ecological models that are implemented:


    • More than 50 different tree species – since the initiation of Kolunji Ecological Farm we have planted different kinds of trees; fruit trees, timber trees and fodder trees for cattle. During the years we have created an agroforestry system, and today you will find several hundreds of trees at the farm!


    • Production of traditional seeds – we cultivate and store seeds of different kinds of millets, traditional rice varieties and vegetables.


    • Plant nursery – we produce seedlings of trees and different medicinal plants in our nursery, which are given to organic farmers and school children in the surrounding area.
    • Bio input production units – we produce vermicompost and Azolla as green manure.


    • Soil and water conservation – at the farm we have established farm ponds for rain water harvesting, and the soil fertility is improved with green manure, compost and other organic inputs.


    • Collective vegetable production – a group of women from nearby villages cultivate vegetables together on the farm.


    • Livestock and fodder development - goats, cattle, hens and other animals play an important part of the nutrient circulation at the farm. We produce fodder for our livestock at the farm as a part of the integrated farming.



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