Kudumbam has been working with communities in Pudukottai district since the beginning and our work in Nagapattinam districts, was initiated after the tsunami in 2004. Our vision is to strengthen vulnerable communities trough the building of a multi-stakeholder partnership for the preservation and regeneration of native flora and fauna, in order to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Which we at Kudumbam are reaching through different projects including Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Resource Managment, Campaign and Advocacy, and Empowerment of Women and Children. Read more >>

Listen to Viji, talk about us and what we are doing at Kolunji and Vidivelli

Children´s home!

Kolunji, a model ecological farm that has been working with and training thousands of farmers and NGO field workers on ecological agriculture practices, was ravaged by Cyclone Gaja which hit parts of India’s eastern coast on 16 November 2018. Kolunji is staggering under the weight of economic losses amounting to Rs 100,00,000 (about US$140,000). To repair damages and to get the farm up and functioning again for the people relying on us, we need Rs 80,00,000 or about US$115,000). Please contribute generously



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